T-shirts are on the way!!

Look for them on the roads starting Sunday, June 20th!

This doesn't do it justice...

T-shirts in safety orange are headed your way! Many thanks to Kalman Gacs (see Climate Change Artists) for his ongoing commitment to the movement!  Kalman designed all three logos on these t-shirts, and his creative, passionate work is always AMAZING!

The Eastern Mass team will get theirs Friday, June 18th when they visit the 2010 session of the New England Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church at Gordon College in Wenham, MA.  I’ll ask Rev. Han from the Greenland, NH United Methodist Church to bring t-shirts and other supplies back from the conference with him for the New Hampshire team when the conference ends on Saturday… and I’ll ask Rev. Vicki Woods and Pastor Shandi Mawokomatanda to do the same for the Western Mass team (WeMA) when they head back to Wesley UMC in Worcester. I’ll also be asking Rev. Sharon Miesel from the Cataumet UMC on Cape Cod to help me return some of Jay’s stuff that he couldn’t carry home from the training.

The first Methodists were circuit-riders who rode through the wilderness sharing the Good News… Now these Methodist pastors are riding out into New England carrying some of the resources we need to ride the roads on our bikes raising awareness and a sense of urgency about climate change… and sharing the good news that each one of us can make a difference if we work together… This is why I sometimes (in Methodist circles) call our Climate Summer riders “itinerant bike-preachers.”

The language we use to explain what we’re about is important, and that “itinerant bike-preacher” language is good shorthand when I’m talking with many Christians.  But this work transcends our particular faith (or other) communities and personal identities.  Every identity we inhabit describes a person (or member of a community) who is dependent on the health and stability of climate and ecosystems.

Because we know this, we are out there sharing our deepest passions, fears, hopes, and dreams with everyone we meet.  We are driven by the values that bring us to this work: a commitment to justice for this and future generations, a love of human and more-than-human communities, a desire to create human future that lives within its means and values all of life…

So why are you doing this work (whether you’re riding or not)? What language embodies the your experiences and your values? Or what language embodies the shared history and shared values of your community?

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One Response to T-shirts are on the way!!

  1. marlamarcum says:

    I forgot to give a shout-out to Kalman Gacs for his incredible t-shirt design when I first published this post… So if you read it right after I put it up, read it again (well, the first paragraph)!

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