So this one time…at Climate Summer…the Police thought I was Buffalo Bill…

I will openly admit I have had some very embarrassing and awkward moments in my life. And certainly last night is one I’ll never forget.

So it all started when Bliss and I decided to take hose showers yesterday at the First Church of Winthrop where we’re staying. But we had one thing after another and we didn’t really get around to doing it till like midnight, a little while after Marla showed up.

So, being the Eager Ernie that I am, decided to pull the hose out of the basement and drag it outside to get it ready before anyone was ready to take one. Now, for those of you who haven’t been in the basement of the First Church, imagine the scene where Jodie Foster gets lost in the basement in The Silence of the Lambs and you’ll pretty much get it.

Which was very reassuring at 12 o’clock at night. By myself. But I pulled through and after I got the hose out and dropped my stuff on the yard, I looked across the parking lot and thought I saw someone near a car, but I ignored it cause I did not want to freak myself out like my teammates do practically every time they go around a corner in this place.

Then I go inside to get Bliss and Chie, but they’re talkers and that took 20 minutes. But we finally got out there, only to have two flashlights being shown in our face the minute we exit the church.

Turns out, dragging a hose out of a church at midnight and dumping plastic bags filled with questionable material then looking a police officer dead in the eye before disappearing back into the building looks kind of sketchy. Who would have thought?

Oh right, the Winthrop Police for one. Well after we explained why we were there and that we’re not (and by we I mean ME) psycho killers who tell people to put the lotion in the basket or they get the hose, they had a pretty good laugh about it. They called off there back up (who showed up anyways for they were about 5 minutes from searching the Church), apologized for searching my toiletries bag to make sure there were no “bloody body parts” in them, and allowed us to take our quick but extremely necessary cold hose showers.

The end. Roll credits….

July 4th parade blog coming up soon!!

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