5 Dollars A Day

Post by: Margaret Fetzer

This summer, among other things, we are living off of $5 a day per person. This has been an interesting challenge for all of us. Though I have plenty of cooking experience, I have never done anything quite like this.

Each week we also have other factors that effect our food situation. Our first week, we didn’t have a kitchen; we had a microwave and refrigerator. Each week we may also get fed more or less than other weeks. We might get donations. The grocery store may be more expensive…

So, planning food each week can be a very interesting process (not to mention there are 4-6 people on a team at any given time, each with their own idea of what we should be eating). At first it seems like an impossible task, but really it isn’t too bad. We have managed to be under budget the whole time and, if I my say so myself, the food has been pretty good. Not that there hasn’t been a learning curve, the food has gotten substantially better since the first week of stale bread.

A black bean soup feast!

Keep following the blog and we will be updating some of our recipes. The first will be Ying’s microwave eggs (really, they’re delicious)!

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