Week in Winthrop pt. 3

That night we attended a block party for the 4th at Kurt Millar’s house, the son of Eve Millar and sister to Wendy Millar: our gracious and sweet as ever hosts who work at the church we stayed at, First Church United Methodist.   The party was great, and Kurt DJ’d so the whole neighborhood had joined in.  We watched the fireworks at Eve’s secret spot, on the tennis courts right near the launching place of the fireworks, (at a safe distance away, of course).  We laid on our backs and watched the magnificent display right above in the sky.  This was a nice closing to our hectic week in Winthrop; a celebration of the wonderful country that we are on a mission to preserve, and with the beautiful beaches of Winthrop and the twilight of Boston in the distance, we knew that our efforts were going to be worth it.

The Winthrop fireworks were amazing!

The beautiful Yirrell beach; worth protecting!

We decided to avoid the holiday traffic on Monday and take the day off to relax and finally enjoy the beautiful scenery of the peninsula.  We biked around Deer Island and spent the afternoon basking and swimming in the hot sun.  We were preparing ourselves for the long journey ahead the next day and attempted to rest and build up energy as we packed up all of our belongings like the nomads we are, ready to face any new adventure and challenge down the road.

Jumping for joy for the Deer Island wind turbines!

Making our own wind turbine.

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One Response to Week in Winthrop pt. 3

  1. Jeff says:

    LOVE the wind turbine pics!

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