Energy Audits!

Post by: Bliss

Since this summer, I’ve been learning more and more about how you can bring the environmental movement back to your own home and implement clean electricity and energy at the house. I’ve had been hearing a lot about how you can get a full diagnostic home energy audit to find out how you can improve the house’s energy consumption. So I let my mom Christine and step-dad Rich know about how this would be an excellent idea to do at our house, and how much money we would end up saving by improving the house’s insulation. So my parents called up National Energy Audits and they came to inspect the house! I still cannot believe they took my advice. While there they met up with the man doing the energy audit, Mark Rathburn, they got to talking about Climate Summer and what I’m doing biking around Massachusetts. Mark was enthusiastic and excited for the program and said how National Energy Audits likes to support groups like ours. So I got to talking with Mark and the company was gracious enough to send us a generous donation! Our group really cannot do much without the support from companies and groups like theirs. And the fact that they help “homes throughout the United States, the single largest energy consumer in the world” cut down on their energy consumption, makes this collaboration even more significant.  As a climate rider and from a family whose home was diagnosed, I strongly recommend everyone give this awesome company a ring.

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