Won’t You Take Me To . . . Williamstown?

Posted by: Tali Smookler

On Tuesday, a day with record heat temperatures in Boston, WeMA epically biked 35 miles in the sweltering heat from Lenox to Williamstown.  This was the first bike ride with all five members of the newly compiled team.  Luckily, we were able to take a bike path from Pittsfield to Adams, a nice break from the beating sun and speeding cars.  Despite the last ten mile stretch under the sun, we all made it alive and well to the house that we are staying in (that we have to ourselves) this week (thanks Williams’ Professor Skinner).

We ❤ Bike Paths

Pausing to admire the bike path's natural beauty

Wednesday, we hit Tunnel City Coffee (TCC), our home away from home in Williamstown, to do some office work for the coming weeks.  Though we had nothing else planned for the day, last minute we were invited to two great events.  Kara and Eric attended a Transition Town meeting in North Adams, where they met the well-known activist Tina Clarke. Katie, Caroline, and I attended a delicious potluck of the First Congregational Church, where we learned Shaker songs.  When we all met back at the house, it was clear that we were all very content with our first day in Williamstown.

Thursday morning, we again journeyed to TCC, this time to meet with environmental journalist and writer for the New Yorker Elizabeth Kolbert, author of Field Notes from a Catastrophe.  We were able to tell her about what we were doing, and to learn her views on how we can practically go about combating climate change.  It was a great opportunity to discuss the issue with someone who had different ideas on how to solve the climate crisis than we did.

Speaking with participants at our climate emergency meeting

At 6:00, with cookies donated by Tunnel City Coffee, we began our climate emergency meeting at the Paresky Center at Williams College.  Attendees hailed from many generations, organizations, and even countries: From the Church, Williams College, the Transition Town movement, and the IICD (Institute for International Cooperation and Development). We had a total of 11 people!  Everyone was enthusiastic about discussing how to move forward, and how to connect to the bigger movement against climate change. In short, the meeting was a great success, and we left feeling confident that the people of Williamstown would continue the great work they have already been doing around climate change. We look forward to hearing of their accomplishments in the future.

We ended the night the best way we knew how: with homemade pizza and a guitar sing-a-long.

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3 Responses to Won’t You Take Me To . . . Williamstown?

  1. Jeff says:

    did you guys know I worked at tunnel city for most of last year? barista, dishwasher, floor-mopper, cashier, etc.

    • Jeff–that’s awesome. We love that coffee shop. Spent many quality hours there–and they donated cookies for our Climate Emergency Meeting. Do you know there is now a “Sundays at 6” Street Fair on Spring Street?

  2. marlamarcum says:

    Sounds like an amazing day! Wish I was there, but I’ll join you for a few days in Greenfield! Keep up the great work!

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