New Hampshire Public Radio

Posted by: Kara

On Monday, the Western Mass team left Springfield to travel 50 miles to Worcester (the first 50-mile day in two days!). When we arrived, tired, sweaty and more than slightly sore, I got word that our interviewer from New Hampshire Public Radio had finished the piece about the former Team NH, and that we were on the air! We quickly scrambled to listen to the segment, which aired on Monday afternoon throughout the state of New Hampshire.

I have personally grown up listening to NPR, and cannot believe we made it onto the NPR station in the Granite State.

Please listen to this 5-minute piece HERE, which aired as part of a program called “Word of Mouth.”

Thank you to Rabbi Cohen-Henriquez and the entire Temple Israel Congregation of Manchester, who is featured in the piece. And thank-you to everyone throughout New Hampshire who helped Eric, Kara, Chie and John along the way!

Let us know what you think!

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