Welcome to Winchester

Post by: Sara

It is our second to last week, and we are in Winchester. We have been so impressed by
the warm hospitality we have received here, we are gearing up for an exciting last week
in Cambridge, and we are also beginning to reflect on the summer.
For me, it has been rewarding to realize the way in which the variety of situations,
activities, meetings, and people that we have crossed paths with this summer have all
been able to teach us different things. Each week–each day, even– is different from the
last and provides a new opportunity. There are opportunities to learn, opportunities to
teach, and opportunities to collect a funny anecdote for the futue. Winchester has been
no exception.

We thought we had experienced after possible difficulty with our trailers, but sure
enough, our Sunday travel day provided a new learning opportunity. Two miles into our
forty mile ride, the wheel of one of the trailers literally popped off and flew through the
air into an intersection. We were feeling hopeless until we flagged down two cyclists.
One turned out to be “the best bike mechanic on the south shore!” He played with the
trailer until the wheel would stay on, and we were on our way. One new situation we can

Our rescuers!

We arrived in Winchester many hours later and immediately felt the hospitalityof the community. We were greeted by Katie Macdonald, who happened to be on a runas we biked by, Revered Don Remick from the Second Congregational Church, andCarolineʼs Parents Jamie and Lee who had us over for an incredible dinner of stuffedshells, plus much needed showers. We knew it would be a good week.As I mentioned in a previous post, this week has given me a chance to think a lot aboutmeetings. Weʼve also spent time embracing the great outdoors:Tuesday morning we got to know the Revered better when he took us out to Spot pond, one of his favorite places in the area. We kayaked around collecting trash and recyclables from the beaches. After we had finished, we presented to the kids attending Boating is Fun Camp at the pond. We showed them what we picked up and then talked about climate change and DOT (Do One Thing).

Talking to the campers

We were so impressed by how much the kids knew and all of the ways that they were already taking action. As an organizer, the highlight of the morning came when we talked about water bottles. We held our reusable ones up and asked the kids who else used them. Then we talked about why disposable ones arenʼt good for the environment. Just then, a camp counselor walked by with a 24 pack of Poland Springs on his shoulder. All of the yelled at him, “No!” and “Water bottles are bad!” Then they giggled over the humor of the situation and made plans to tell him how horrible he was. It was then that we got to turn the water bottle lesson into an organizing one as well: would telling him he was horrible make him change? Maybe not. We talked about effective ways of encouraging friends to take action, and then finished off a great discussion about other DOTs.


They say that nothing in life is inevitable except death and taxes. The parallel for climate
summer might go like this: every day of climate summer is different, but most days will
include some combination of teaching, learning, thinking, and giggling. And sweating.

At our second home during the week, the Winchester Public Library

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