10/10/10 in Somerville!

Here at Climate Summer, we’re working hard to stay in touch with the amazing community organizations, faith groups, and individuals that we got to know in 2010. Climate Summer veterans and other SJSF members got their hands dirty with neighbors and friends in communities across Massachusetts this weekend.  I’d love to hear about what everyone did this weekend to get to work on local solutions (and to send a message to our elected leaders that we need them to get to work on policy solutions, too!).

Volunteers "De-Pave the Way" in Somerville as part of the 10/10/10 Global Work Party

I joined our amazing partners Somerville Climate Action and Transition Somerville, along with SJSFers Craig, Sarabeth, Anna, and a few others who I didn’t get a chance to meet to “De-Pave the Way” in a yard in Somerville.

The first wave of volunteers pose after a few hours of work.

Check out this amazing time lapse video of the work party (courtesy of Somerville Patch). If you watch closely, you’ll see that at about 1:05, we stop to play a game of Ninja for about 1.5 seconds of the video.  It was great to join with friends and neighbors to spend the day getting some important work done.  With about 45 volunteers, nobody was overworked, but we managed to pry up and remove 18,000 pounds of asphalt!  We’ll be returning in the spring to help with a gardenraising at this home… and we’ve got high hopes for more depaving events in Somerville – a city that is 78% non-permeable hardscape.

Lenni Armstrong's illustration of the importance of de-paving yards in Somverville

If we can de-pave more yards, we’ll create more green space for food production, to decrease the urban heat island effect, and to absorb precipitation so that it doesn’t all end up in the storm sewers and in people’s basements.

Of course, a big part of the local solutions work is building community.  Volunteers shared food, tools, and lots of fun this weekend… including promoting the event by marching/riding in the Honk Festival parade!

Somerville Climate Action and Transition Somerville in the Honk Parade!

Check out Lenni’s great De-Pave the Way poster (Eric is pulling it behind his bike):

Eric Becker promotes the "De-Pave the Way" Work Party in the Honk Parade.

Did you participate in one of the more than 7,000 Work Parties around the globe this weekend?  How did you get to work?

Don’t forget to check out what people all over the world were up to.  Check it out at 350.org

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2 Responses to 10/10/10 in Somerville!

  1. Margaret says:

    I love Lenni’s illustration!

  2. Margaret says:

    At my school, Simon’s Rock College, we weeded the community garden!

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