A WeMA Family Reunion

You may think that Climate Summer would end–as the name suggests–at the end of the summer. However, with Climate Summer, the bonds last far beyond the day in August when all the riders disassemble. In addition to spending time organizing events during the year like the Wesleyan Conference on Pricing Carbon and campaigning with Students for a Just and Stable Future, Climate Summer can go beyond the boundaries of many programs and create teams that reunite long after the summer ends. In many ways, the Western Massachusetts Team has taken on the role of a real family. Well, at least one with a holiday card.

Holiday Card Possibility #1

At the end of the fall semester, all five members of the Western Massachusetts Climate Summer team reunited near Boston. They made pizza from scratch (echoing the pizza the team baked back in Lenox, MA), buying ingredients at the local supermarket after preparing dough from the tried-and-true Climate Summer recipe.

Members of the Western MA team shop for ingredients for home-made pizza

They also busted out the ol’ guitar, Rise Up Singing, and–of course–the helmets. Because, as Eric has said time and again, helmets are always helpful. Always. Even when taking photos.

Holiday Card #2 (We ❤ Helmets)

Happy New Year! ~Team WeMA

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3 Responses to A WeMA Family Reunion

  1. Geof Day says:

    don’t stop whatever you are doing – and keep us posted on it too.

    unfortunately, Climate Summer may be more of an endless summer.

    stay strong!


  2. Margaret says:

    Of course, Climate Summer Riders are ALWAYS wearing their helmets! The elementary school teachers in North Andover loved that we wore them during our presentations.

  3. Marla Marcum says:

    I can smell the hot chocolate and cookies just looking at those holiday card pics!

    Glad you all had a reunion before your next big adventures!

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