S&W Sports

Thirty-one riders, poised and ready to go. Headed out for a smooth 33-mile cruise to Concord, NH. Alas, we were not in for the smooth sailing that we had expected. All that “practice biking” we had been doing in the months before Climate Summer did not work out the kinks in our bikes apparently. There were broken fenders, squeaking brakes, missing springs and a mass of other issues that needed fixing.

The crew outside the shop, photo courtesy of S&W Sports

Luckily for our ramshackle group the saviors at S&W Sports were there to step in. We arrived on Tuesday morning with our hodgepodge of problems and were greeted with open arms. Those folks with bike problems (me included) lined up, and were quickly aided. Katie’s crippling fender issues were mended in no time. April, whose bike was a tad too small, traded for an entirely new one. Others, like Eliza who had been involved in a high-speed spill, got simple check-ups. Meanwhile my minor brake issues were also assisted. I was wheeled in back and given the complete tune in a jiffy. Afterwards the team piled inside to rest on couches and stock up on gear. On top of all this remarkable hospitality, S&W Sports has sponsored the building of one of our team’s custom trailers (a necessity for living on the road)! Without generous folks like these, our team could not function, their assistance and time is greatly appreciated!

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