Leaving the nest…

Posted by: Brad Samuels

Today was our first day out of the nest and on our own! Our 35 mile bike ride from Lowell, MA to Salisbury, MA was a great bonding and learning experience for our team. Leaving Lowell at about 1:45pm, we knew that we had to cover our distance in a short period of time so that we could be at East Parish First Methodist Church in time to cook dinner. After several long stops we finally arrived at about 7:00pm. As we arrived in Salisbury we were greeting by a large display of solar panels and a windmill.

Maine Team in front of solar panels and a windmill

With very few bike problems along the way, nothing that impaired us from moving forward, we were given the tour of the church by Frank Crump the Lay leader. Kindly offering us access to the entire church, including the fridge, we began to prepare dinner. Located directly across the street from a Dunkin’ Donuts we couldn’t help but browse the menu. The employees of the establishment were very excited to hear about whom we are and what we were doing. With their extreme kindness we were given copious amounts of bagels, donuts, and muffins.

After dinner we concluded with a team meeting deciding how we will go about our trip tomorrow to Biddeford, ME, with a long 55 mile trek.

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One Response to Leaving the nest…

  1. abd2128 says:

    Love the picture!

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