The bumpy road to New Bedford

Two days and nearly 100 miles later, Team Mass 2 (or Mass Coast, or Mass Movement, we still haven’t really figured out our name yet), made it to New Bedford!

Day One: Lowell, MA to South Walpole, MA

(Also known as the day of bike woes)

We left the Pawtucket Congregational Church on Sunday around 9:30 am, a full three hours before most of the other teams left, because we had to bike about 50 miles. We made it about .2 miles before this happened:    

Rayleigh fixing his broken rear rack

My bike had issues too- it started making this weird squeaking noise that would not go away! After Rayleigh secured his rack as well as he could with some duct tape, we noisly and slowly made our way to Walpole. We rode through Chelmsford, Carlisle (where Amira stopped to say hello to her aunt and uncle!), and to Concord, where we stopped to get our bikes checked out ATA Cycle (THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!) and then at Walden Pond to eat lunch.

Beautiful Walden Pond

Mass 2 @ Walden...check out that helmet hair!

From there we continued on our beautiful route to Walpole, finally arriving at the South Walpole United Methodist Church around 7 pm. That’s right. 7 pm. That’s about 9 hours of biking folks! Lauren lives in the town next to Walpole, and her mom came over to help the exhausted team cook dinner- such a helpful surprise!

Thank you to our host, Rev Sarah Mount Elewononi at the South Walpole United Methodist Church


Day Two: Walpole, MA to New Bedford, MA

(Also known as the longest day of our lives)

Despite all our attempts to get an early start for day two of biking, we didn’t leave Walpole until nearly 1pm. We spent the morning making approximately 500 phone calls trying to secure housing in New Bedford if not for the whole week, then at least for the night. Finally we had an affirmative response from the Pilgrims United Church of Christ – yay! So, already mentally and physically exhausted from the morning and our ride the day before, team Mass 2 headed out.

It was, again, a beautiful ride and a beautiful day to ride! We didn’t make the best of time (the trailers felt so much heavier than usual!), but finally, FINALLY, we rolled in to New Bedford, around 8:00 pm. (Little did we know that New Bedford is MASSIVE, and that we still had to  ride to the bottom of it…our official arrival time was right before 10:00 pm).

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One Response to The bumpy road to New Bedford

  1. Jim says:

    Rayleigh I had to chuckle when I saw and heard of the .2 mile from our church incident. Unbelievable.
    So glad you and the team were able to make to N.B. it is quite a haul. Spread the word and be safe thinking of you guys!

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