MassMovement Makes Moves in New Bedford

MassMovement (the OFFICIAL! team name of Mass Two) has been busy getting locked out of churches, making music videos, dropping bags of lentils and laughing our heads off the past few days in New Bedford (but just in our off time when we’re not BUILDING A MOVEMENT, that is!!). Our team is staying at Pilgrim United Church of Christ, right in the heart of downtown New Bedford- such a great location! One of the Pastors of this church, the amazing Revered Russ, runs an organization in the building across the street from the church known as Mercy Meals and More. MMM is a soup kitchen with a dignified twist. Every morning, all are invited to come, sit down at a set table, place a breakfast order and be waited on, free of charge. Our team has been up at 5:30 am (yes, you read that right- college students voluntarily waking up at 5:30 am!) to set up, cook, serve and clean up breakfast. It’s been a really great way for our team to bond, as well as to have one on ones with community members, both those who are serving and being served. There’s really no distinction between the two after all, right?

6:00am- teaching Rayleigh how to make french toast!

One such contact we made at MMM was Devin, the owner of Destination Soups, a local business in downtown New Bedford. Monday afternoon, after a much needed team nap, we walked down to his shop to visit with him. Devin knows everyone in New Bedford- or at least it seems like it! He was able to help us get in contact with many individuals and organizations in New Bedford- as well as point us in the right direction to a shop where Rayleigh was able to get a new rear rack for his bike. Meeting Devin was an unexpected, but extremely pleasant surprise. We are so grateful for all the help you were able to give us (as well as all the free soup and grilled cheese samples!)

MassMovement with Devin at Destination Soups

This morning, Mass Movement got FAMOUS! Well, sortof. We had two, back-to-back radio interviews- the first at Fun 107 FM and the second at WBSM 1040 AM.It was so much fun- and apparently we reached 50,000 listeners, from New Bedford up the Cape, down to Rhode Island and towards Boston!!

With Phil Paleologos at WBSM- we love you!!

We can’t wait to continue our work in New Bedford. We’re looking forward to visiting the Marion Institute tomorrow and getting a tour of the Crapo Hill Landfill on Friday!

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2 Responses to MassMovement Makes Moves in New Bedford

  1. Your group was an amazing group and the guests at Mercy Meals and More are missing you already ( so am I) Hope the rest of your travels go well and you reach your destinations with no speed bumps to slow you down, pot holes to shake you up nor detours to send you in a direction you had hoped not to go. Remember if you keep going though you will get to your destination. God’s blessings to you all may your eyes be open to receiving them and your hands to receiving them in what ever form or way God chooses to answer this request for a blessing!

  2. Woohoo! Congrats on the radio spots, and I cannot wait to hear how the meeting with the Marion Institute goes. I had the pleasure of attending an event the group hosted a few weeks ago in New Bedford–a truly inspiring group. Keep up the great work! -Kara

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