University of New Hampsters

Van and I set out Monday morning from Rye (near Portsmouth) for Durham, a 16.4 (as Van corrected me countless times) mile ride to the University of New Hampshire. Little did we know that the day would be riddled with tribulations. Well, I kind of figured so, but that is beside the point.

Anyway, after a beautiful ride through the rolling hills (that’s putting it nicely) we arrived at UNH ready for our radio debut on WUNH! Van’s mom says he has a great face for radio, I agree. However, to our unexpected dismay, the power had just shut down! Those darn unreliable fossil fuels. Well, you see, you cannot put on a radio show without power. So, Van the man and I hung out in a very dark studio (which was super awesome! Not the dark part) for a while with Sara Lapointe.

However, we realized after some time, this was not a quick fix, so we ventured to town for lunch, oh and to fix my THIRD FLAT in three days. Sheesh. But lunch was quite delicious, so college.

Wow so many sprouts! Lunch at the Bagelry.

The UNH organic farm. Can you say vista?

After lunch, we pedaled on down to the UNH organic farm. Nestled in a field of waving grasses, the UNH farm brings one back to the simpler times, when farmers farmed in their bikinis. Well maybe that part wasn’t so quaint, but hey whatever you have to do! So the farm was very cool, Luke, the main farmer guy showed us around. Van and I sampled peas, wild strawberries, and some garlic-flavored curly-cues. Yum!

The true faces of radio

At this point we thought- hey it has been four hours, the station must be up and running by now! Nope. They had blown a fuse or some nonsense. Luckily the tech guy (an avid abrev. txter, we learned) suggested we record an interview to air later. So we got our eight minutes in the limelight! Kind of, one minute was mic testing, and one minute to take a picture because we looked adorable. But the rest of it was solid news! So listen in Wednesday at noon for the articulate stylings of Jordan and Van.

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  1. Trudy says:

    Love your posts. Keep on keepin’ on!

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