Harry Potter Climate Summer

Post by Jordan Swenson

In honor of the 8th and final Harry Potter movie premiere this evening, the New Hampshire Team felt it was our obligation to understand and document the local witches and wizards in their efforts towards sustainability. What we found was a burgeoning group of activists in this thriving community. We felt it was best to let these young people speak directly to you, so this is what they have to say:

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3 Responses to Harry Potter Climate Summer

  1. Melinda Shaw says:

    Great video! I love the accents too!

  2. tsmook says:

    GREAT VIDEO! Our team actually had an on going joke that we were kind of like Harry Potter because we were traveling around saving the world , not staying places for long, like he did in the 7th book. Additionally, Katie’s last name is “McGonagle”, we stayed with The Riddles, we worked with the eco-village called “Lupinwood,” and we slept on the ground, once in a tent. So I’m glad to see that the wizarding community is becoming more involved with fighting climate change.

  3. marlamarcum says:

    This is completely awesome… but who told Van that as a right of passage, when you turn 21, you have to get most of your head shaved? Is that a mohawk or a fauxhawk? Oh, and I do LOVE a locally made wand! They actually grow on trees!

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