A Climate Cafe in Arlington

By: Lauren Clapp, New Media Coordinator, Team Mass Movement

Our team hosted our first “Climate Café” of the summer this past Thursday in Arlington, and it was a great success! We counted about 45 people in attendance, including our good friends Susan Altman and Marla Marcum! It was an evening filled with great discussion, great connections and great inspiration. I think I can speak for the whole team when I say a highlight of the evening was seeing various people in attendance exchanging business cards at the end of the night- knowing that we were able to bring these people together to work towards a common goal who otherwise might not have met was a really powerful feeling.

Inspired by the beautiful art created last night, members of MAssMovement created their own creative reactions to the event:

By: Carrie Watkins

By: Lauren Clapp

By: Rayleigh Lei

By: Maureen McCoy

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1 Response to A Climate Cafe in Arlington

  1. tsmook says:

    wow 45 people!!! That’s great!

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