The Connecticut Coast

Posted by: Tara Escudero, Social Media Coordinator, Team RIConn

Today I am 22.  I can’t imagine a more triumphant birthday eve than biking 65 miles all along the southern coast of Connecticut, arriving to the wonderful hospitality of newly made friends.

In the morning (Sunday) as we left Stonington, we were biking through Mystic, only a few miles up the road, with a long day ahead of us.  I had decided I would have to skip church this week because of the time, but we passed several churches with their doors thrown open and bells ringing, and I had to tell my team I would catch up with them.  After all, we were on Route 1 for the majority of the trip.

One of the many scenic views Jackie shot near New Haven

So I wandered through the doors of a Catholic church, how I was raised, yet the first time this summer I was at a Catholic mass.  It has been a wonderful experience congregating with other kinds of faiths, and it informed my familiar experience in a new way.  Then I took off to catch up with my team.  I saw every time the rivers and ocean crept into the land from up above on bridges, and recognized the shops and signs from out trip along the same route from Bridgeport to Westerly.  It is a relief every time I am reunited with my team after we split up to cover more ground.

We passed the time quickly and in the late afternoon we arrived at Justin Haaheim’s; a vibrant organizer for the whole region and already an excellent friend and host.  We made dinner followed by a surprise cherry cobbler by Justin, then went blues dancing at Yale with a mix of students and the local community.  I am no longer weary of forming relationships so quickly and leaving them (for now).  I look forward to more of it here and everywhere.

Crossing the Founders’ Bridge into Hartford just a few weeks ago

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