Early Bird Catches the… Oatmeal?

Enthusiasm. Something I severely lack in the wee hours just after prying open my crusty eyelids. Something that a) my teammates will not let me forget, and b) they consistently try to coax out of me during that ungodly time of day.

I, for your entertainment will recount to you a story of my meager enthusiasm in the a.m. that crescendoed into a gush of oozing enthusiasm ending in a successful day! Without further ado…

Me. Note skepticism. Or sun in the eyes. Can’t decide.

I awoke Friday morning, not very happy about the schedule that lay ahead of me. A schedule that did not seem all that bad…except for the 45 miles of biking in 102 degree heat. Blech. So, I pathetically crawled out of bed (floor), and as I was brushing my teeth I heard a clamor. Uninterested, I continued on my brushing (dental hygene is of the utmost importance) only to be disturbed moments later by a high-pitched southern accent shouting my name. It was Van. As the voice got louder, my brushing grew more frantic.

“Joooooooowrdiiiiiiiinn!” the voice shouted.

Darn, he had found me. “Why must they pester me in my weakest of moments?” I thought, with a tinge of self-pity. I rinsed, and was ready to face reality. I mean Van.

I opened the door, to find his beaming face. “FOUND HER!” he shouted. “Look what we got this morning!” he said to me, holding in his hand a large chocolate doughnut (my teammates think I like sugar).

Ah the perfect spot. There were even wild blueberries growing under the hammock!

After pre-breakfast doughnuts I hopped on my bike. “Okay,” I thought, “first part won’t be so bad.” We were headed to Hanover, a simple 8-mile ride we’d frequented. Wrong. We were headed to Mt. Crumpit Hanover. Not exactly, but I died. We arrived just in time (me a-huffin’ and dying from the 94 degree heat) around 9 am for breakfast at Jim Rubens’, a member of the Union of Concerned Scientists. He had quite a view though. Let me say, the view from atop a mountain is almost worth biking up it. Oh and quite the view on the environmental movement as well!

Me hanging with one of the two kitties. They were named ni and san. Meaning two and three in Japanese

Next on the sched, a ride to Cedar Circle Farm, one of the largest organic farms around, just across the river in Vermont. Doug, our adventuresome lead contact literally lead the way (the guy’s an avid biker much to my chagrin). We rolled in, and were graciously greeted, given the low-down, met some kitties, and given a tour of the first wheat harvest! Later we even went for a cooling dip in the Connecticut River with the Green Mountain College folks also touring the place.

The first wheat harvest ever!

So, as this was going on, in comes a call from the lovely Sandy Carter telling us that students at Dartmouth’s Sustainable Living Center would like to have us to dinner. We of course were down! So we popped back on those two-wheelers and arrived in time for some scrumptious fajitas with a couple great college-age folks (we miss them sometimes. The college-age part, not those particular folks we met. Though they were just splendid!). Spirits high, the gang sailed over the ominous mountain that separates Hanover (where Dartmouth is located) and Lebanon (where we were staying). Back to the Lebanon United Methodist Church,and then back to my all time favorite spot- bed (well floor).

The make-shift curtain Sandy and I made to block out sunlight in the mornings. Hey, whatever works right?

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3 Responses to Early Bird Catches the… Oatmeal?

  1. Kate says:

    Great post love!! 🙂

  2. Victor says:

    Wow sounds like an adventure to me. Keep pedaling along.

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