As Summer Nears an End…

It’s hard to believe that these 9 weeks of our summer program are quickly drawing to an end. While these weeks have been full of both ups and downs, the people from each community we’ve met with have inspired me to keep trekking along this summer journey. Completing an exhausting week in Belfast, I didn’t think there was any energy left in my body that would allow me to travel down to Bath, ME for yet another week of events. But looking back at how welcoming the community of Belfast was to our entire team and how the work we are doing has been such an inspiration, I have found myself refueled to continue on my journey that will eventually conclude in Boston.

I knew Belfast was going to be a special town when the first night of our official entrance culminated with a pot luck dinner that had an attendance of over 30 people. Little did I know that I would see most of these people present at the potluck every day, throughout the week. From working at the community garden, helping Karen Ireland with a permablitz that entirely transformed her yard into a labyrinth/garden in one day, to helping out with the New Forest Institute, our entire stay at Belfast was full of friendly community members. It was also exciting to see how these community members really believed in our mission, showing up not only for the potluck, but for our documentary film
screening of “Carbon Nation”.  The wonderful community of Belfast, ME has showed me that the work I have done over the course of the summer is not only appreciated, but is making a small step towards a more sustainable future.


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