Its over?

My brain is fried….system overload…too much to think about.

Why is my brain fried you ask?

Because this summer has been so full of everything.

Full of laughs and full of adventures.

Climate Summer 2011

This summer has been the most ridiculous summer of my life. This summer has been stressful and frustrating and sometimes I couldn’t think straight. But, this summer has also been full of people who I wish to never forget. This summer has been full of amazing people, groups and organizations that I want to take lessons from. This summer has truly been something I will never forget, something I can tell my family about in 50 years and say “I did that”.

You know you are tired when a black top parking lot in 100 degree weather becomes nap time!

To be honest I was a little apprehensive about participating in the program…I needed to get a bike, figure out how to ship my bike and myself out to New Hampshire, then ride hundreds of miles carrying all my belongings and a 75+ trailer in order to participate in Climate Summer. I decided not let these anxieties stop me, and I am so glad that I didn’t. I could never regret this summer, even though at times I was beside myself with frustration (thank you lice and busted computer).

Climate Summer taught me a whole lot about working with a team and organizing in a community. I like to think that these skills will transfer back to my college life! I have seen what it takes to keep building a movement over years and persist through rough times. I have seen the people who started this movement and fought when people thought they were actually crazy. I have seen programs that others said would never make it off the ground, succeed with passion! I have met people who inspire me beyond belief. And I have met students younger than myself throw their insecurities aside to scream and shout in the streets in order to gather attention to their cause.

This program may be over, but the drive of every student here will not end when we leave Boston. I have way to many things to think about for this to be over! This summer was full of struggles and excitement, and these will follow me for the rest of my life, so for me I don’t think it can end.

Full of laughs. Full of fun. Full of growth. Full of challenges. That is exactly what a summer should be full of, and this is exactly what my summer was with New England Climate Summer.

Mass Acceleration–my climate riding team!

This summer I felt alive. This summer I took an amazing adventure. This summer we, a group of 31 traveling students, were powerful.

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1 Response to Its over?

  1. Peter Trolio says:

    It was a great adventure for us, too… those of us who followed you all and the good and important work that you all did. Thanks for sharing so much with the rest of us. You’ve given us all hope that the future will be brighter!

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