Solar Living

Last week in Bradford, Team Vermont huffed and puffed up Wrights Mountain to see exactly what sustainable living looks like. Nancy Rae Mallery, publisher of Green Energy Times, graciously agreed to take us on a tour of her solar powered home. Situated on a breezy, green mountaintop, Nancy’s self-sustaining property is a vision to behold. Inspired by her solar panels, extensive vegetable garden, fruit trees, chickens, big Newfoundland pups, and beautiful home, we knew we had to share her efforts on our blog. Nancy is off the grid and loving it, making it clear that living sustainably doesnt mean sacrificing comfort. In fact, living in harmony with the natural world can be truly gratifying, cost efficient, and fulfilling. We thank Nancy for opening her home to us, and urge our readers to check out Green Energy Times for tips on making your household more sustainable.

About vtclimate

Our names are Lily Gutterman, Shea Riester, Monique Gallant, Anna Kruseman, and Emma John. We are participating in Climate Summer, biking throughout Vermont to build an environmental movement. Follow our posts and help us end American dependency on deadly energy! Also, check out our website:
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1 Response to Solar Living

  1. Jayson Castillo says:

    That was genuinely beautiful, this woman is a genius.

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