Photo Blog: Gardening

During our time at Star Island, we have spent a lot of time in the garden.

A view of the garden.

On Star Island, they are repurposing bottles as walls for the garden beds, which keep the potting soil in more effectively than brick and also keep the soil warmer.

View from the garden.

Olivia digging before placing bottles in the wall.

Morgan working on another part of the wall.

A completed part of the wall.

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2 Responses to Photo Blog: Gardening

  1. Win Southworth says:

    Thank you Ann, Anna, Oliva, Morgan & Hilary,

    Really enjoyed our discussions. So very glad you were connected (Yeah Susy!) to our week at the Island and were able to participate in our theme speaker sessions. Philip Ackerman-Leist is unquestionably one of the very best leaders I’ve experienced in the over 40 years I’ve been attending conferences. It was most inspiring to get to know him and his outstanding family. And y’all are the very first ecologically inspired bikers to spend time with us. Keep up the good works and terrific exercise, Win

  2. riderjohn says:

    Now I know why I’d see you with dirty legs! It was great to have you all join us for All Star II – you picked the perfect week!

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