Guest Blog Post– Team Maine

Written by Andrew Watkins, Belfast Area Transition Initiative member

With a measure of sadness, I say goodbye to the Climate Riders.  Goodbye to Kristin, a force upon the road, toiling up the hills of Maine with Trailer in Tow.  To Amanda and Laura Lea, challenging my limits with Tough Mudder workouts.  To Lilyanna, dreads intact and valuable garden knowledge.  To Trevor, with quiet intellect.  And, to Sara, of various pronunciations.

Humility and the energy of youth they had in abundance and it was refreshing to have that descend upon Belfast, if only for a week.  I met them one week ago, pedaling up a long hill from Liberty on Route 3, two trailers in tow, heat and humidity in large quantities, in a long ride from Randolph, ME.  Escorting them into Belfast, to the UU church and continuing to guide them around while in the Belfast and Brooks area; sharing knowledge of permaculture and familiarity with Newforest Institute were all self-selected responsibilities I was happy to share.

Andrew, Karen Ireland, and the Maine Climate Riders

Sharing meals, good discussions, the open road, water breaks, snacking on Gorp, up hills and down, alpacas, buckwheat pancakes, building paths, pulling out rocks, all this and more will make the climate summer week a singular event.

I would have liked to see more fanfare from Belfast Residents; an escort into Belfast of more than one person; more places visited (Searsport, Belfast Co-housing, some off-grid homesteads, etc…) and less toiling under the sun.

So, Climate Riders, I wish you safe travels, and lives of significance in the years ahead as you pursue your life passions.

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