Thanks to “Come Boating”!

Written by Sara Mitsinikos, Media Co-coordinator, Team Maine

Tuesday evening brought a nice change of scenery when Come Boating invited us out onto the water. Not that biking everyday ever gets old, but it was nice to use a different set of muscles. After a day of working with the Belfast Bay Watershed Coalition marking storm drains to tell people not to dump waste because the drains lead to the bay, I was eager to experience for myself the bay that they all loved so much. Once we got to the dock I could see that the bay was worth all the hype.

So excited to go boating!

Boating requires a lot of communication and teamwork. Even getting in and out of the boat requires communication. As I timed my rowing to match the pace of everyone else’s, the boatful of people turned into one unit, each person pulling their portion of an 800-pound boat but each pulling together. I don’t know how fast 5 knots really is, but it felt like we were screaming by.

In addition to the social effervescence we were feeling, there was also a great appreciation for nature. We rowed to Pirate’s Cove, a little nook in the bay with a waterfall. We sat in the boat and drifted closer, listening to the sounds of the rushing water and the calling birds. We then made our way to the pedestrian bridge where we saw the most beautiful sunset sky this summer so far. The sky was golden and pink and the water dark and calm.

We want to thank the people at Come Boating for taking us out on the water that night. Sitting in the boat allowed me to slow down and enjoy the people I was with and the beauty of the natural world. Every other night during the time when the sky is most beautiful I’m in the kitchen trying to decide what to make for dinner, or on my computer doing something work-related. It’s important for all of us to take the time to appreciate why we’re here, which is for me to protect this beautiful planet that we live on.

The beautiful sunset

After boating we headed over to the City Council meeting, which was not so tranquil so it was good to go into that with a relaxed attitude. Working with a problem as severe as climate change can be depressing, but when you see how beautiful this planet is and that we have the ability to work together, it makes it all worth it.

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