Team Maine Guest Blog Post

Written by Bob Klotz, 350 Maine

The Climate Summer Riders (CSR) –Team Maine are having their Day of Action Event on August 4th – and YOU are invited!

In 1978, I biked from my hometown in Maryland with a planned trip to northern Vermont. Though primarily a solo trip, it was filled with encounters, opportunities, challenges and things that might be called coincidences – but which proved to be far more meaningful.

At the time, biking was my primary form of transportation. Over subsequent years…not so much – though I renew the effort periodically enough to feel still attached to the rubber-hitting-the-road.

And I definitely see the logic…accessing what many people consider a near-perfect machine, enabling access to much value (including health) – while minimizing resource extraction and overall negative environmental impact.

So it has been very exciting to have the cycling-gods smile upon me again with synchronicities of late: via my work with and 350 Maine, I have discovered – and been able to spend time with  – the Climate Summer Riders.

Climate Summer Riders (CSR) – an impressive effort of the Better Future Project– are a group of young people bicycling across US states during the summer. Team-Maine has bicycled – with week-long stays locally in each town – from Biddeford to Portland to Lewiston-Auburn to Belfast to Rockland to Cumberland and then wrapping up their tour in York.

Attending to the enormous risk of dangerous Tar Sands coming through Maine, the Climate Summer Riders have developed a Day of Action in Portland and South Portland on August 4th. Please be sure to support the effort; see CSR Day of Action Facebook Page & CSR Day of Action Flyer

In this complicated world in which we live, there’s a lot to attend to. However, considering the powerful words of (former “The Island President”) Mohamed Nasheed of the Maldives: “ I don’t hope…I work”, I am inspired to work – AND hope – by the Climate Summer Riders.

And grateful – for their commitment, effort, inspiration, and dedication in service to Our Environment.

Now where DID I put that bike helmet!?!

Bob Klotz                                                                                                                                          Maine State Coordinator                                                                                                                   350 Maine                                                                                                                                          

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