A Generation of Stored Sun

Written by Aaron Morales, New Media Coordinator, Team Massachusetts

While at the 350MA.org kick-off in Cambridge, MA, someone was applauded for his organizing a concert dedicated to the planet every year as well as for all of the letters to the editors he wrote. Warren Senders writes a letter to the editor, on the topic of climate change, everyday for about two years. Warren made it his New Years resolution in 2010 to write to the editor everyday.

Upon hearing of this man’s amazing and industrious feat, I felt inspired to become a better activist.

I feel as if it were fate that allowed Andrew and I to meet Warren Senders and record an interview with him.

From the interview, Warren gave me a new way of viewing fossil fuels. No longer do I have a distasteful view on coal, oil, or gas. After listening to Warren, I look at those three with honor. Honor because I am looking at the sun from another period of the Earth’s history.

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1 Response to A Generation of Stored Sun

  1. Hephaestus says:

    This is why I think Warren is the kind of person I wish I was.

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