Subsidies: A Love Story Pt. II

Written by: Hillary Bernhardt, Video Coordinator, Team New Hampshire

This is the second installment to our teams three-part documentary regarding the subsidies surrounding fossil fuels. In this video, I took the approach of addressing head-on exactly where this money is coming from. A good chunk of government money is actually given to these corporations in the form of tax breaks. After farther researching these tax breaks, I noticed just how completely ridiculous they were. Fossil fuel corporations are given tax breaks for doing everything from using a “non-conventional” fuel (which could mean anything from coal to tar sands) to using hydro-fracking (a technology proven to poison water supplies). On a more positive note, I chose to highlight the Day of Action efforts of our other Climate Summer teams as well as the governmental actions of elected officials in terms of getting rid of these subsidies and moving forward to a mores sustainable world. Enjoy!

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