A Collection Haikus


 yeah wema

Biking down the road

The trailor weighs more than me

I see you, pothole

                               –Alison Goyer

Wow climate riders–

you guys all smell really good–

Said no one ever

                                   –Lydia Federico 

I am on WeMA

WeMA knows how to rally

Come to our rally

                             –Sarah Foster 

A crazed activist

Hunger strike for climate change

What are you changing?

                         –Alex Hogan

Turtle tribe arrives,

loitering productively

Homeless? Ain’t no thing.

                            –Matt Menezes

Smooth peanut butter

It tastes good with most things, yum

But not with soymilk

                                              –Caroline White-Nockleby 

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One Response to A Collection Haikus

  1. Peter K Martel says:

    Sweeten your morning coffee or tea with maple syrup and you’ll smell sweeter all day.

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