A Revolution We Can Dance To

Written by B. Rooney
Video Coordinator, Team VT/NH

Last weekend, I spent 4 days volunteering at an event called “Solarfest,” America’s largest solar-powered festival. There was music, there was dancing, there were self-composting toilets. But above all, there were amazing people. People who were there for the first time, or people who had been coming for all 19 years; vendors who had their cars converted to run on vegetable oil, and people who piled by the dozens into dirt-caked VW vans.

The view from the parking lot at Solarfest

The view from the parking lot at Solarfest

But as different as all the attendees were, the common thread that they all shared was their interest in alternative energy, and how they can use the resources that they already have to better the world. There were backyard herbology workshops and jam-bands galore, but my favorite part of the festival was the protest song sing-a-long with activist band Melodeego.

We covered some of the classics (“This Land is Your Land”, et al), but also some songs that I had never heard of, including Melodeego’s own song, “They Are Digging Us a Hole”, written in response to the Keystone XL pipeline. I still wish that I had never heard it, because my teammates are now singing it incessantly in ever more bluesy ways, but I am glad that I was able to meet up with some great musicians for one of the first times this summer.

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