All I Need Now Is a Cape

Written by Garrett Blad, Media Coordinator, Team Maine
July 27th, 2013

30-mile round trip to get Shaun a new tire

30-mile round trip to get Shaun a new tire

Sometimes, I feel like a superhero.

I know this may sound silly, but sometimes I feel super – like Disney’s Incredibles or Marvel’s X-Men or any other of those famous “super” people. Personally, I feel like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. When I join forces with the rest of my team, we form a kind of superhero team. We are a motley group of individuals who were trained by our sensei in the art of organizing and climate change awareness. Amassed from around the country, we battle ignorance, disbelievers and powerful fossil fuel overlords in order to preserve a stable climate for everyone, all while remaining isolated from the very society we aim to protect.

When the rain starts pouring down and we each put on our rain jackets, each a different iridescent color, I feel as if we have powered up into battle mode. My bright neon yellow jacket following right behind a blur of red and indigo as we race down hills, the rain bouncing off of us as we bike to reach our destination.

And just when we think the elements are too much, we are faced with mechanical difficulties. Bent wheels, flat tires, faulty brake pads – we have seen it all, in every combination. And like the people of New York City who are often oblivious to the benevolence of the Ninja Turtles, nobody witnesses what we do on our own.

During one mission, two of us were forced to bike 30 miles round-trip to the nearest bike repair shop to replace one of our comrade’s bent wheels. Only, after just leaving for the journey, I noticed I had another flat tire.

Racing off once more, this time equipped with a teammates bike, we faced gargantuan hills, fatigue and frustration to make it to the store before it closed, where we acquired another wheel and raced back to the teammates we’d been forced to leave behind.

Sometimes it’s these overlooked, behind the scene moments that make everything that we are doing worth it.  Our ability to face numerous obstacles on the road, continue on despite the aching, the throbbing, and the mental fatigue, and then organize and host events immediately after make us even stronger individuals.

We may not have superhuman powers, and we most definitely are not fighting alien warlords or even petty criminals, but we are fighting for a similar goal – the preservation of a healthy future. And when the challenges we are up against could not seem any greater and obstacles continue to be put in our path, the task may appear herculean – maybe even impossible.

Yet we get through it.

It is at these moments that I cannot help but feel a little “super”.

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One Response to All I Need Now Is a Cape

  1. Winston says:

    Great experience. I think you will remember it many summers to come.

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