Life Lessons, As Taught by Climate Summer

A compendium of things learned, written with love by Team Maine

The road may be long, but the rewards are many

The road may be long, but the rewards are many


  • how to use cabbage, tofu, and an entire bottle of “maple” syrup in a single meal
  • how to attach granola bars to handlebars (Velcro is the answer)
  • how to avoid tan lines (pretend they don’t exist)
  • how to predict the weather (if you’re going biking, there’s a 100% chance of rain)
  • how to negotiate with the internet gods for WiFi (I’ll get my soul back eventually)
  • how to run over the same dead skunk three times (I don’t understand either)
  • how to stay clean on the road (kidding, this never happens)


  • how to make and model trash bag rain gear (sometimes a jacket just isn’t enough)
  • how to mulch (give Garrett lots of moral support!)
  • how to be dirty… all the time!
  • how to actually become and stay a vegetarian (lots of kale and a $6/day budget)
  • how to create 70-ft “smokestacks” out of balloons (and transport them two miles in the wind)


  • how to clean anything and everything with dish soap
  • how to make anything gourmet (more onions! more butter!)
  • how to get Shaun into the kitchen for a team meeting (offer ice cream)
  • how to get the worst smelling clothes in the world (join Climate Summer)
  • how to blow up dozens of inflatable inner tubes on a school bus at 6am
  • how to find any of my teammates at an event (NEON ORANGE)
  • how to truly appreciate the invention of the Ziploc baggy
  • how to weed (remove every blade of grass in the garden)
  • how to get a bike shop to stay open after hours (give ‘em beer)*


  • how to switch outfits while biking
  • how to bathe anywhere (biking in a thunderstorm will do it)
  • how to run out of water in the rain (and beg strangers to refill our bottles)
  • how to remove jacket cords from the gearset using only a pocket knife
  • how to get super strong (bike 200 miles on underinflated tires)
  • how to attract police officers (leave the church lights on while working late)
  • how to reassure police officers we did not in fact break into a church


  • how to appear to be clean (apply deodorant. sweat. repeat.)
  • how to get clean (shower in an industrial-size sink)
  • how to bungee anything (and I mean anything) to the rear rack of a bicycle
  • how to take a great nap (find a pew with a cushion)
  • how to get six flats in a week (is it a curse?)
  • how to bike 30 miles before 8am (volunteer at the Sebago Lake Flotilla)
  • how to scare little children (teach them about climate change)

And finally, how to be a team:
Bike 1200 miles with a group of strangers while doing all of the above.

On the road

More miles, more smiles

*Climate Summer-approved, we promise!

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2 Responses to Life Lessons, As Taught by Climate Summer

  1. Winston says:

    Just noticed that none of your bikes had mud guards. Seems a big mistake.

  2. Winston says:

    Very funny. Love it. Keep up with your humor and camaraderie.

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