Surviving 7 Weeks of Climate Summer Without Running Out of Things to Talk About, with Advice from WeMa **

Written by Sarah Foster, Team Leader on Team Western Massachusetts on July 28th, 2013.

            So you’ve come to the end of your seventh week of Climate Summer. The four or five people you have spent every waking (and sleeping) moment with know everything about you. They can pick out your clothes (even your underwear) from piles of “clean” laundry and they know how long you can go without a shower before you start repelling potential climate justice converts. You have worked and played with these people everyday for the last two months and you probably have had many deep and personally uncovering conversations with them. Now you have nothing to talk about. You know literally everything about your teammates, from their past romantic relationships to what their childhoods were like. You are probably now all sitting around a dinner table flailing to find conversation.


Here on the WeMa team, each of us takes different routes to dealing with this endless problem.

Take Alison’s approach: Fake an existential crisis. “If I panic, maybe they’ll panic too and reveal something about themself.”

Take Sarah’s approach: Live by the don’t assume norm. “Whether I’ve already asked this question or not, I can’t assume that I know the answer. Maybe Alex has a secret summer romance!”

Take Lydia’s approach: Ask invasive questions. You have nothing to lose. “I want to find out what makes everyone tick and destroy it.”

Take Caroline’s approach: Find Internet games with alternate realities. “We killed an hour with a murder mystery night.”

Take Matt’s approach: Stream of consciousness. “Who needs a two-sided conversation anyways?”

Take Alex’s approach: Act silly. “Everyone will follow suit and then the laughter will fill the silence.”

Group strategy: Construct personalities for people we have all met during climate summer since we have no other mutual friends to talk about. “I’ve never actually talked to Claire or Stewart, but I feel like I love them”, or, “That was such a Ben Lilley!”

So next time you’re stuck without anything to talk about, consider our sage advice and it’s possible that you will get through it. Alternatively, take a nap.

**This is all exaggerated. We are not crazy.

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