And Finally, the Ten-Week Roundup

Written with love by Team Maine
August 16th, 2013

Yep, we're using another shot from this series (can't help that it was a perfect day for  some picturesque posin')

Yep, we’re using another shot from this series (it was a perfect day for some picturesque posing)

Best moment: The First Friday Art Walk in Portland – talking to people who would have never known about the issue of tar sands, and combining interactive art with climate change awareness
Worst moment: Running into Elena because her rain jacket got caught in her chain (totally destroying my wheel in the process)
Advice: Don’t worry if your team doesn’t gel right away, because things will work out in the end.
Favorite quote: “Hey guys, I just velcroed a granola bar to my handlebars!” -Janice
Biggest accomplishment: Going from barely talking to each other to always hanging out together.

Best moment: Getting to Barnstable and biking 350 miles in the last week alone
Worst moment: When you realize you have 50 miles to go and its 2:30 in the afternoon
Favorite quote: “Hey, can you toss me that knife?” – Janice
Lesson learned: Rain jackets don’t work in a deluge (or possibly ever).
Advice: When on the road, everything that can possibly go wrong, will go wrong.
Biggest accomplishment: Going from walking up hills to having no trouble pulling the trailer

Best moment: Realizing Team Maine operates like its own special family
“Worst” moment: Being on the road well after sunset and having to caterpillar ride (following closely together going 3 mph up and downhill due to limited vision) from Auburn to Augusta
Worst moment: Being on the bridge in Portsmouth that the policeman put us on a closed off walkway that was 2 feet wide and hitting two more obstacles that we had to lift everything over
Favorite quote: “Garrett, stop licking yourself!” (said by Elena on an exceptionally hot [and sweaty, salty] day)
Lesson learned: Bob Shaw’s house in Belfast is not the place to be if you’re allergic to cats (HE HAS FIVE!)
Something you’d change: My team doesn’t shower enough…
Advice: People born and raised in Maine adamantly call themselves Mainers. Talk to them about this, it’s a sure-fire conversation starter.
Biggest accomplishment: No longer having to say that I physically peaked in high school

Best moment: Team picnic in Belfast overlooking the water
Worst moment: Leaving the hummus in the fridge
Favorite quote: “Guys, I biked 1,000 miles. I’m allowed to do anything.” -Elena
Lesson learned: Climate Summer destroys all clothes that you care about.

Best moment: Watching my team become a team
Funniest moment: Watching Shaun bike with a severely warped wheel and all his possessions dangling off the back of his bike
Worst moment: Hearing Shaun’s tire explode immediately after (and realizing that the nearest bike shop was fifteen miles away and would close in an hour)
Advice: Bring as many ways to attach things to other things as possible – velcro, rubber bands, string, shoelaces, electric tape, bungee cords, glue – they are guaranteed to all come in handy
Biggest accomplishment: Never getting any of my things wet, and having more conversations with strangers than I’ve had in the last year

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  1. Meredith says:

    You guys are awesome!

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