Highlights from the Archive!

When people are applying to Climate Summer (and then preparing for the experience), there are so many questions about what exactly the riders can expect to be doing all summer. These questions are best summed up as “describe a typical day.” As the 6th summer of the program draws near, a concise answer to this question still eludes us all (staff, veterans of the program, and community partners).

Team New Hampshire (2012)

Team New Hampshire (2012) Left to Right: Ann, Olivia, Anna, Morgan, Hilary

While this can be frustrating for applicants, I think that the diversity of experience team-by-team and day-to-day is a fundamental strength of Climate Summer. Each year, our community and state-level partners and their organizing campaigns shape the work of each team. The actual composition of each team also creates a new and unique mix of personalities, skills, and interests that necessarily shapes the way the team engages the work.

I just re-read a post written by Anna Larson, New Media Coordinator of the 2012 New Hampshire Team (linked below). Anna’s reflection, titled “Balancing Self Sufficiency with Our Interconnectedness,” may not satisfy your desire for certainty, but I do think she sheds some light on the value of the journey together into the uncertainty of a work plan that begins with a broad outline and is only made concrete by the people doing the work. Anna’s post is mostly about what she was learning and how her understanding of her own place in the world was changing.

Stay tuned for more highlights from the archive that focus on specific work in specific places. Also, get ready for a summer of new content! Climate Summer 2014 riders will start blogging soon!

Read Anna’s blog post here:


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