My Most Meaningful Summer was 2010


Posted on behalf of Kara Kaufman, 2010 alumna

If you’re not on our email list, you missed this great message from Kara Kaufman, Media Coordinator for the Western Massachusetts Climate Summer team in 2010.  That’s Kara at the mic in the photo on the left addressing the crowd with her team at the 2010 Green River Festival in Greenfield, MA. Kara is asking you to help us continue to provide the same opportunities to other emerging young leaders. Just like Kara, I am deeply grateful for your gift in any amount.

Your gift today helps put Climate Summer 2014 on the road!!

Read Kara’s appeal:

Dear Climate Summer friend,

My most meaningful summer was the summer of 2010.

That summer, I did a crazy thing. I bicycled with 4 other college students more than 600 miles from one end of Massachusetts to the other. We biked on the shoulders of state highways, we slept on church and synagogue floors, and we empowered community members with the skills they needed to more effectively build the grassroots climate movement.

My Climate Summer family taught me the organizing skills that have propelled me into my current career in social change. The leadership trainings, workshops, and media coverage we generated qualified me (and a Climate Summer teammate) for Green Corps, the nation’s premier one-year training program in environmental organizing. And because I had so deeply loved my role as my Climate Summer team’s media coordinator, I applied to become the Press Officer with the nonprofit Corporate Accountability International — a job which I’ve held since November of this past year.

Support Climate Summer today.

My story is not unique. Since 2010, the climate movement has grown across the country. And at every turn — whether at the largest climate change rally in US history or at universities where committed students are building power to divest from fossil fuels — I meet people who learned how to organize through Climate Summer.

That’s ultimately why this program is so important. Climate Summer is the best opportunity for young people to learn about power and then go out into the world and build power. It creates leaders who strengthen the climate movement.

The best way we, as alumni, allies and supporters, can nourish this program is to contribute at whatever level and in whatever way we are able. As Marla has mentioned, $36 feeds a team for a day (sounds unbelievable, but it really does), $100 provides bicycle tools and safety equipment for one team for the summer (I know from experience — they’ll be well-used), and $420 feeds one rider for all ten weeks.

In solidarity,
Kara Kaufman

P.S. If you had told me before Climate Summer that I could bike 100 miles in two days, I would have told you that you were crazy. Climate Summer taught me that the key to overcoming any obstacle is to take it one step — one pedal — at a time. It’s an amazing program. Support Climate Summer today.

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