Climate Summer Take Two

Written by Jana Wilkes, Community Outreach Coordinator, Team East, written on June 21, 2014

By this time of Climate Summer I was hoping to have 80 plus miles of biking under my belt, but instead I have scraped up knees, a strained shoulder, and six stitches above my eye.  Life always seems to go much different than planned.  Last Tuesday, we headed out for a 40 mile bike trip to Concord, New Hampshire but I only made it half a mile.  I was flying down the first hill, probably going 30 miles an hour when my bike started to wobble out of control.  I then realized with terror that I was going to fall off my bike.  The next thing I remember I was crawling to the side of the road, blood dripping from my face.  What have I done, I thought.  I was so bummed out that I wasn’t going to be able to bike with my team.


The team regrouping after my accident!

The next serious of events that happened reminded me of how wonderful and caring everyone I have met doing Climate Summer are.  My teammate, Tuula, flagged down a car that just happened to show up.  A friendly man drove Tuula and I up the hill back to Camp Wilmot.  There, riders from Team West, Ben and Myra, cleaned and bandaged my wounds while Dineen consoled me.  Marla dropped what she was doing and drove me to the hospital in Concord so I could get the care I needed.  So many others have also helped and comforted me while I have been recovering.

This support from the Climate Summer community is the reason why I am going to get back on my bike.  I know that I can get emotional support when I’m feeling afraid of going back on my bike and I know that my team will carry my stuff if I don’t feel ready to bike with all my gear.    In fact, I think I will be able to get back on my bike this Thursday!  Thank you Climate Summer for showing me that life’s unexpected twists do not have to prevent me from doing what I love.


About njansen16

My name is Nicholas Jansen and I'm entering my fourth and last year at the University of Michigan. My major is Program in the Environment (PitE) with a specialization in water.
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