Loons, Early Mornings and Shifting Assumptions

by Kelly Chen, Media Coordinator for the North Shore Team

Discoveries come in all shapes and sizes, some are as small as a bug!

Discoveries come in all shapes and sizes, some are as small as a bug!

I can picture how my summer would have been filled if I weren’t here at Camp Wilmot. It would most likely have been some combination of old and new habits: wandering through the streets of Boston, diving into backyard pools, working at a childhood summer camp, filling my house with music and art, doing yoga, and reading a ton. But instead, I find none of these activities in my memory of the last week of Climate Summer. And yet, I don’t feel at loss. I am content because my brain feels like its been stretched and moved countless ways by various workshops, different perspectives, stories, and new jargon. It’s the sound of the banjo or mandolin, and the sight of an inviting lake every morning I wake up, the fireflies blinking on the walk back to the cabins at night, and the loons scaring me that have made my experience at Wilmot pretty awesome. The big jars of Nutella are good too – and have helped me live with the mosquitos and constant rain. I think, most of all, its been the people who I find inspiring.

Stephen teaches A. Grace, Zalo and Kelly how to fix a bike.

Stephen teaches A. Grace, Zalo and Kelly how to fix a bike.

Wilmot and Climate Summer have put me outside of my comfort zone, even at the basic level of forcing me to shift from old habits. The early mornings and long days have left me tired at surprising early hours around 9 pm. I wasn’t sure what to expect of Climate Summer before arriving at Wilmot but I had a few assumptions – some biking, a vague idea of learning about the “movement,” and being vegetarian. But after a week, I have a new set of assumptions that will definitely change as a different week rolls by. There is a whole lot I have to learn about climate change, my own perspective about certain issues, and my role as a media coordinator on the North Shore team. I wish I had internet access so that I could peruse the inter web about various topics that have caught my attention and to learn more about the places I’ll be traveling to after Lowell.

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