Declare Independence from Fossil Fuels!

posted on behalf of Abbie Goldberg, Video Coordinator for Team North Shore

Happy Fourth of July everyone!

Ok, so I’m a little late. Ok, so a lot late. But it seems like all of the North Shore was a little late what with the crazy storm. We got a great sky show on the 4th, it just happened to be lightning instead of fireworks.

In any case, it’s never a bad time to declare independence from fossil fuels! Team North Shore had a great time at the Salem fireworks and celebrations on the 6th of July and while we were there we asked people why they wanted to declare independence from fossil fuels. The answers are inspiring, logical, bold and ready for your viewing right now!

The flag we’re holding says “Hope for our future. Respect for the Planet. Integrity in democracy. Strength in community. Independence from fossil fuels. Stop the Salem gas plant.” These are the values we want to stand for and protect as Americans. Also, important to remember that declaring independence from fossil fuels doesn’t mean an immediate halt to all fossil fuel usage for individuals– I too have a laptop and a heated home and would drive a car but I’m developmentally stunted and my permit expired two years ago! Rather, declaring independence means being prepared to take bold action in demanding a transition of our economy away from one of the most destructive industries in the world today. More specifically it means putting a halt to all new fossil fuel infrastructure projects  (pipelines, plants, mines etc.) that would lock us into further emissions and catastrophic climate change like the proposed Salem Harbor Gas Plant.

Why do you declare independence from fossil fuels? Comment below!


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2 Responses to Declare Independence from Fossil Fuels!

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  2. marlamarcum says:

    I declare independence from fossil fuels because we need a safe, livable future and because doing so helps me to develop powerful relationships with others who care about the future. This is hard work for sure, but it’s more fun and more rewarding than ignoring the problem!

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