Climate Change in Action

Posted on behalf of Myra Sampson, Media Coordinator, Team For the MASSes.

Last Monday, we walked into the basement kitchen of Natick’s Common Street Community Church and found water pouring in through the windows. It was a problem that the church had fixed in the past but was a case in which mother nature had proved stronger. The entire floor was covered in about four inches of water. We spent the better part of the morning sweeping water toward the two drains at either end of the basement. Members of the congregation filtered in and out as the morning progressed, bringing with them different tools to attack the water. By lunch time, there were isolated puddles but nothing a wet/dry vac couldn’t handle. This rain storm was an example of extreme weather that reminded me of the snow we experienced this past winter.

This past winter, I was working Winter Wonderland Weekend at Camp Washington, the sleep away camp where I had spent my summers both as a camper and a counselor, and there was an incredible amount of snow. Any New Englander can attest that last winter was not normal; we were

A snowy day at Camp Washington.

A snowy day at Camp Washington.

hit with snowstorm after snowstorm. That weekend, in order to get the camp ready for the campers who were coming to enjoy the snow, we had to do a lot of snow removal. A coworker and I spent hours shoveling snow away from doors to gain access to the buildings we needed.

Drought and extreme weather are symptoms of climate change, which is perpetuated by our addiction to fossil fuels. These events have become more and more common, and, despite this, there is still a lack of concern among many. It’s hard to maintain my vision of the future I would like to see when there are so many signs of climate change in our everyday lives and there are people

My camp where I've spend countless summers.

My camp where I’ve spend countless summers.

that don’t even know that climate change is a problem. I think about the unfairness of it all. There are so many people that came before me, and their behaviors have contributed to climate change, and yet my generation is the group fighting climate change. It has become our responsibility. It’s a responsibility we take on with the hope of creating a better future because, “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” -The Lorax

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