For Future Generations

Posted on behalf of Tuula Perry, Team Leader, Team East

Our activities on Tuesday have really impacted me. We started by going to the Townsend Recreation Center where we spent time with their summer camp group which included kids from ages 5-13. Coincidentally, we visited on Hawaiian Day so I enjoyed teaching the children a few hula moves. We also asked them what they knew about climate change and the pipeline. I was very impressed because a lot of these kids knew about global warming and were able to explain why they don’t need the pipeline in their hometown. We had them write letters to Governor Patrick. They were great! One of my favorites reads, “Dear Governor Patrick, We don’t need the pipeline. Instead, we should have pickles, and dogs for free.” If the governor takes time to read all these letters, I don’t know how he could ever see that the pipeline is built.

Me teaching the kids - and fellow riders - how to huula!

Me teaching the kids – and fellow riders – how to hula!

We also met with a youth group for lunch at the Townsend Library to talk about the proposed pipeline and how it contributes to global warming. I found a lot of hope from them because of their high level of concern about the matter. I really think they understood that it is our generation that will have to deal with the devastating effects of this pipeline.

The day took a dichotomous turn that evening when my team and I went to our first Kinder Morgan presentation and public gathering regarding the proposed pipeline at Lunenburg High School. I wanted to sit in the front and center to look them in the eye in the hopes that through my glares they will feel the weight that their decision is having on future generations. When the public was given time for questions, I was delighted to hear from some of the inspiring folks we had met along our journey including Diane Hewitt, Roberta Flashman, Cinda, Lindsey Sundberg, and Peter and Coleen Jeffery. They all came well prepared and did a great job at challenging the ethics and scientifically unsound practices of what Kinder Morgan was proposing.

It was infuriating when Kinder Morgan representatives like Allen Fore avoided questions and took no ownership of the destruction their project would have on the towns it would go through. As they lied through their teeth I could tell that they had no soul. At the end I couldn’t help tears from streaming down my face…I hope they saw. I was so overcome with emotion knowing that the fight we are fighting could change the lives of the kids we got to know earlier that day. I don’t think it is possible for someone to be a supporter of the pipeline if they understand the bigger picture. For this reason I am ready to give this movement all I got during this final week of the program. It is so important that we build the momentum and opposition this final month before the FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Comission) pre-filing date. It’s time that the voices of the many amazing communities and individuals that we have met this summer are heard before it’s too late.

Letter writing at the Townsend Rec Center

Letter writing at the Townsend Rec Center

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My name is Nicholas Jansen and I'm entering my fourth and last year at the University of Michigan. My major is Program in the Environment (PitE) with a specialization in water.
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