Highlights from Climate Summer 2014!

JulieRong_ClimateSummerMeme2015As we look towards Climate Summer 2016, we wanted to highlight a few of the posts from the 2014 cohort to give applicants a feel for the program. I’ve chosen a handful of my favorite posts from last summer (one from each team), but you should dive into the blog yourself if you want to get a bigger picture.

In each post, you can click on the author’s name to see a photo and short bio, and you can also click on the team name in the byline to view the team page.

If you want to trace the posts from a particular 2014 team, see the note at the bottom of this post. Enjoy!

Here we are with Pastor Aida!

Team West Mass with Pastor Aida: (L to R) A. Grace, Dineen, Ben L., Aida, Georgette, Ben W., and Stephen in the top right!

Stephen O’Hanlon, the Public Narrative Coordinator for Team West Mass provides a glimpse into the life of a cyclist/organizer working with others in the face of uncertainty and very powerful opposition. If you want to know what it feels like to be a fossil fuel resistance organizer, Stephen’s blog post sheds light on one embodiment of the work:

Organizing is a Rollercoaster Ride

Rachel and Jana embracing our unicorn identity

Rachel and Jana embracing our unicorn identity

Perhaps the hardest and most common question we get is this: “What is a day in the life of a Climate Summer rider like?”  There are as many answers as there are days in the summer, but here’s one snapshot from Team East’s Rachel Eckles:

A Day in the Life of a Climate Summer Rider

Ariel holding the flag and canvassing at the fireworks.

Ariel holding the flag and canvassing at the fireworks.

Abbie Goldberg documents Team North Shore’s outreach, artwork, and action at the annual Salem July 4th celebration with some text and an amazing video. Each Climate Summer team chooses a Video Coordinator. An experienced documentary filmmaker and teacher (who also has some serious grassroots organizing experience) trains our video coordinators and then mentors them all summer:

Declare Independence from Fossil Fuels

Alissa and I getting crafty as we prepare our art work.

Kay (Left) with teammate Alissa in a lighter and craftier moment of the summer!

A contemplative Kay Young, Team Leader of Team For the MAsses, prepares to ride away from training with her new team and reflects on the the importance of people power in the work for climate justice:

Antidote for the Self Righteous

Click a 2014 team name below to view posts from just that team. If you want to follow a team’s journey from start to finish, remember that the posts you see first are the most recent. (If you read in the order they appear on-screen, you’ll be reading from the end of the summer to the beginning).

Team North Shore blog posts

Team West Mass blog posts (note: any post linked here that is dated earlier than June 2014 is a post from a pre-2014 team whose route took them through Western Massachusetts)

Team For the MAsses blog posts

Team East blog posts

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