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Born and raised in Boulder, educated in Virginia, now seeking to complete my American trifecta with a journey across the North. If there's one thing I love more than talking about the things that I love, it's, well, it's hard to think of right now. I'm riding with Climate Summer because I believe that we've run out of time to be deliberating, and our deteriorating environmental conditions need to be met with action and education. We're going to learn how people are promoting conservation and sustainability in their own communities, and hopefully help them figure out how to do it better while applying their successes to the next group down the road. Now is the time to show mama earth some lovin, you know she'd do the same for us.

Of Bicycles and Barns

Lowell, Massachusetts, Thank you all for your kind words and well wishes for the dearly departed.  Marla, bless her heart, managed to track down a bike that a friend had borrowed for a year in seminary, so now I am … Continue reading

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This is Just to Say

Dear New Lowell Friend, I am flattered that you liked my bike so much. It’s a good bike, sure, but kind of old. There’s a dent in the top tube from when some lady hit my dad on it when … Continue reading

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