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Like Coming Home

Posted on behalf of Nicholas Jansen, Social Media Coordinator, Team East I come from a small town. A real small town. The small town where you literally know everyone, gossip spreads like wildfire and you can come back years later … Continue reading

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The Hypocrisy of Climate Action

Written by B. Lilley, Media Coordinator,Team Vermont/New Hampshire On June 11, 2013 Day four at Camp Wilmot begins. Somewhere around 30 people from around the country have gathered to take on a big challenge together. We will spend nearly two … Continue reading

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A Human is not a Chameleon: meditation on adaptations

Posted by Lisa Purdy I hadn’t thought that climate change could be made any more real to me, but one should never say never. No, it wasn’t word of the disastrous flooding in Korea, or even the endless three-digit weather … Continue reading

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Posted by: Sara Hopps Many months ago Marla asked curiously, “ WHEN you are tired and do not want to bike anymore, how will you deal with that?” At the time I answered with a generic answer for a hypothetical … Continue reading

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Singing in Latin

By Eliza Sherpa While preparing for this summer I don’t think any of us expected it to be easy and without challenges, but I for one never would have anticipated some of the difficulties this summer would pose. For me, … Continue reading

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Take a stand

Posted by: Alyssa Henry Monday morning we found ourselves waking up at 6:30 am to make a two day side trip to Boston on our way to Waltham. Why would we take such a long side trip? We were on … Continue reading

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Moving Planet: Boston

By: Lauren Clapp “Can we count on you to come to Boston on 9/24?” This is the “ask” that Marla, Craig, and Vanessa imparted on us in our final days of Climate Summer training. We left Lowell eager and ready … Continue reading

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A WeMA Family Reunion

You may think that Climate Summer would end–as the name suggests–at the end of the summer. However, with Climate Summer, the bonds last far beyond the day in August when all the riders disassemble. In addition to spending time organizing … Continue reading

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