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On Finding Inspiration in Place

Posted on behalf of Abbie Goldberg, Video Coordinator for Team North Shore When I asked the incomparably visionary Henry Allen ‘why Gloucester’ I was expecting the usual answers: vibrant culture, peaceful community, beautiful ocean, but instead he said he visited … Continue reading

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My Experience With Reflection

Written by Rachel Eckles, Media Coordinator, Team East I wanted to write a deep and thoughtful post for you all but the truth is, I can’t find the time or brainpower to do so. And that’s because of how time … Continue reading

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Cultivating Change

Posted by Lilyanna Landon When we biked up to the Cultivating Community’s garden, all I could think about was spending my summer days gardening. Toiling in the blistering sun for minimum wage, it was one of the most memorable times … Continue reading

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Local Foods and Building Community in South Royalton, VT

by Anna Kruseman Thursday was Team Vermont’s first day in South Royalton. We had a busy schedule and were involved in different activities over the past three days. One of the main local initiatives that are up and running here … Continue reading

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