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Nuestras Raices Farm Tour – Video Post!

Team #WestMass toured the Nuestras Raices farm, an exciting place that promotes deep ties to culture and history, a healthy, organic, local and just economic food structure, and provides a strong community for the people of Holyoke. In their own … Continue reading

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Children’s Hour with #WestMass at HUMC in Belchertown

Team #WestMass had the opportunity to address children’s and churchgoers’ questions at Hope United in Belchertown! Thank you so much to Pastor Aida and to the congregation for your welcome and involvement in our project.

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The Pipeline Song

B. Rooney, Video Coordinator Team VT/NH 2013 What can you do on a rainy day? Read a book, write a friend, watch a movie, practice your French – or maybe you can make an extremely cheesy music video. That happens … Continue reading

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Walking for the Kingdom

Written by J. Salvatoriello, Team Leader, Team Vermont/New Hampshire On July 25, 2013   On July 18th, our Climate Summer group climbed up the steep gravel road to the ½ way point of the Tar Sands Free Kingdom Walk. We … Continue reading

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Maine Team Promo

Created by Mariah Chen, Video Coordinator, Team Maine A little bit of who we are and what we’ve been up to!

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Subsidies: A Love Story Part 1

Written by Hillary Bernhardt, Video Coordinator, Team New Hampshire

One thing that has really struck a chord with me this summer is the inordinate amount of government money that is being poured into fossil fuels as well as the ridiculous amount of tax breaks these guys get for producing a form of energy that is killing our planet and it’s citizens. For weeks I tossed and turned in my sleep, the same tired thoughts kept dogging my mind; “How could a country wrapped up in so many economic problems afford this? Why would a nation use it’s citizens tax-paying dollars to simply line the pockets of billionaires? How are the people not up in arms, demanding for this money back?” I felt powerless and insignificant, a mere peon in the system that clearly favors the corporations over human beings. Then it occurred to me, the first step to solving this issue is raising awareness. In this first part, I’ve dissected the subsidies and the profits. Let us know what you think and stay tuned for more!

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Resilient Royalton

This is a brief video we made about our time spent in South Royalton, VT. South Royalton has made incredible progress as a community in beginning the transition away from deadly energy–here’s a glimpse of the awesome community organisations, farms and local leaders we learned from during our time there.

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